Contributors’ Guide

Would you like to contribute your content to Lakeshore Magazine?  Great!  Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when submitting your writing or photographs for consideration.

Magazine and Web Articles
Lakeshore Magazine is a digital publication that celebrates the people, style and spirit of the Great Lakes Region.  We cover areas in all of the states and provinces adjacent to the Great Lakes and the many communities that surround the thousands of inland lakes in the region. Lakeshore’s tone is casual, approachable, positive, confident and fun.  We love to see personality in the articles we feature and hope you will include your own voice. Because images tell the story too, we encourage you to include photos with your submission.  More on that below.

Copy length
Most articles featured in Lakeshore Magazine are between 800 and 1200 words.

Feature articles in fall into one or more of these categories:

Profiles – These features introduce readers to the people and business that contribute to the unique spirit of our region.  Subjects may include local businesses, organizations, artists, entrepreneurs or philanthropists. We like to hear about the individual’s journey toward what he/she has become.  The article should inform, engage and inspire the reader to get to know the business or individual and even glean a few life lessons.  We often use an interview format because it allows the subject to tell his/her own story. Here are some examples:

Yearbook Studios

Join the Club

Chicago Ethnic Food Tours

Travel – The Great Lakes Region is rich in colorful, unique communities and destinations.  We want to visit every single one!  Tell our readers about your favorite destination and what makes it special.  What should we do when we visit?  Where should we eat, shop and stay? What adventure can we expect? See these examples:

Holiday in Geneva, Illinois

Hyde Park, Chicago

Field Trip to Madison Wisconsin

The Geneva Lake Shore Path

Décor – We love to feature homes, particularly the old ones that tell a story of our region’s history.  Newer homes built to reflect the character of age are also a favorite. When featuring homes we like to include details that will inspire our readers to apply the style to their own decorating.  Vignette images of decorating details are always helpful – a bookcase, bar display, well-styled countertop or bedside table, etc.  See these links for inspiration:

Modern Cabin

Lakeside Reverie

Traditional Bedroom Decor

Style – Each issue of Lakeshore Magazine includes editor-selected products that we think our readers will appreciate.  We welcome contributions from local style experts who appreciate timeless, high-quality style in clothing, accessories, and home décor.  We avoid trends and believe that true style lasts a lifetime.

Moody Blues

British Style Invasion

Classic Gifts for Her

Photography is perhaps the most important element of Lakeshore Magazine.  We strive to showcase our region with beautiful images in each issue. With this in mind, we request that submitted photos be high-resolution, ideally at least 300 dpi, and large format, ideally 2000 pixels wide.  All photos will receive attribution so please specify how your credit should appear.

If you’d like to contribute your photos for inclusion in our Instagram page, simply add the hashtag #LakeshoreLife.  We check daily for new images to feature and always give credit.

Submitting Your Content for Consideration
Think you have an idea for Lakeshore Magazine?  We’d love to check it out.  Please send your article and up to 8 high-res images for consideration to No photos?  Just let us know and maybe we can help.

Still have questions?  Contact with your questions and even your spark of an idea and we’ll talk.

Thanks for your interest!